Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. organized and carried out social media security management system learning activities such as mobile phones and WeChat.


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In order to effectively safeguard the company's security interests, enhance the level of confidentiality work. On May 29, Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. organized a learning activity on social media confidentiality management system such as mobile phones and WeChat. Gao Lin, deputy director of the general office, served as a training lecturer, attended by representatives of various departments and offices of Zhongyang Company.
At the meeting, all the staff first learned the "Social Media Security Management System such as Mobile Phone and WeChat recently issued by Shandong 3D Holding Group". Among them, Director Gao focused on the use of mobile phones, personal social media (QQ, WeChat, microblog and other social tools) and the use of work contact groups to explain the confidentiality standards. He also carried out special confidentiality warning education on the daily normative use of mobile phones to take photos, transmit and publish work documents, so as to achieve the principle of "not involving secrets on the Internet, not involving secrets on the Internet", so that cadres and workers can develop good daily office habits and effectively build a defense line of confidentiality.
Through this activity, it not only enhanced the confidentiality awareness and confidentiality ability of cadres and employees, but also further standardized the sense of urgency, mission and responsibility of employees to carry out confidentiality work under the new situation, and effectively prevented the occurrence of leaks. In the next step, Zhongyang Company will continue to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the group company on confidentiality work, continuously establish and improve confidentiality rules and regulations, promote the normalization and long-term effectiveness of confidentiality publicity and education work, and help the high-quality development of the company's confidentiality work.
After the meeting, all personnel conducted a confidential security knowledge assessment.


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