Shandong zhongyang biotechnology co., ltd. organized clean warning education and training activities


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In order to further enhance the integrity and self-discipline awareness of the cadres and employees of Zhongyang Company, build an ideological line of defense against corruption and degeneration, and make every effort to create a clean and upright environment. On July 12, Shandong zhongyang biotechnology co., ltd organized a campaign to watch the clean warning education propaganda film. Members of the team of Zhongyang Company and heads of departments and offices attended.
At the meeting, all the staff watched the honesty warning education film "Typical Cases of Violating the Eight Central Regulations". The typical characters in the warning film forgot the original intention and mission of the Communists in the face of the temptation of money, went astray, and fell into the abyss of crime step by step. The warning education film directly hits the soul and is thought-provoking. It gives everyone a vivid party style and clean government education class. It is of great significance for cadres and employees to strictly observe political discipline and political rules, and always maintain a clean and honest political character.
This integrity warning education and training made the cadres and employees of Zhongyang Company deeply understand the importance of integrity and self-discipline, integrity in employment, and resistance to corruption and degeneration. Everyone said that in the future work, they will fully learn the profound lessons of the typical cases of integrity, continue to strengthen the party spirit, always sound the anti-corruption alarm, build a strong anti-corruption dam, and make new progress in promoting the company's high-quality development. contribution.


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