Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. organized flood control safety inspection activities


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The summer flood season is approaching, in order to further do a good job in the flood control safety work of Zhongyang Company, tighten and compact the responsibility for flood control, strictly implement various flood control measures, and make every effort to ensure the stable development of safe production. On July 11, Guan Yongjia, chairman of Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., led the team members of Zhongyang Company to carry out a major inspection of potential safety hazards in flood control work in the factory area.
Guan Yongjia and his party successively went to the key production areas such as the first-phase weighbridge room, loose meal warehouse, solvent unloading tank area, soybean silo and sewage plant to check the implementation of safety and flood prevention measures on the spot, and carried out detailed inspections of the key power consumption parts of the plant. Guan Yongjia requested that all departments and offices should effectively improve their ideological understanding and enhance their awareness of flood prevention and disaster prevention work in summer; they should strictly enforce the discipline of flood prevention and disaster prevention work, implement various flood prevention response measures in detail, and report and deal with dangerous situations in a timely manner; they should strengthen the reserve of flood prevention emergency materials and increase the reserve to ensure that they can be quickly allocated and used in the event of a dangerous situation; they should strengthen the construction and regularly carry out flood prevention emergency drills, comprehensively enhance the flood emergency response capacity.
In the next step, Zhongyang Company will closely follow the weather changes in the summer flood season, further consolidate its responsibilities, continue to increase the supervision and investigation of hidden dangers, flood inspections, emergency drills, etc., continuously improve the flood prevention emergency plan, and effectively enhance the flood prevention emergency response capabilities of all employees. Build a solid line of defense for the company's safe production.


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