Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. organizes activities to build a clean culture


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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, earnestly implement the strategic requirements of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, and strengthen the integrity construction and anti-corruption work of Zhongyang Company. In July, Shandong Zhongyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. continuously enriched the carriers and channels of clean culture construction, and carried out colorful and effective clean culture publicity and education activities.
Warning education, build a clean line of defense. In order to further strengthen the integrity awareness of cadres and employees, and strengthen the integrity education of cadres and employees, Zhongyang Company organizes cadres and employees to watch the integrity warning education film ''Typical Cases of Violating the Eight Central Regulations, ''to further improve the integrity awareness of cadres and employees, and build a clean and honest ideological defense line It is of great significance to enhance political immunity and always maintain a clean and honest political nature.
Talk to talk, strengthen ideological understanding. In order to further educate and guide party members and cadres to effectively improve their understanding of the importance of integrity, and continue to promote integrity education in depth, based on the principles of exchanging ideas, communicating work, enhancing understanding, and enhancing consensus, Zhongyang Company focuses on the construction of integrity and actively organizes Cadres and employees have face-to-face talks, promptly remind existing signs and tendencies, and educate and guide cadres and employees to know awe, fear, and keep the bottom line, further strengthen the cadres and workers to perform their duties of integrity and responsibility consciousness.
Cultural propaganda, create a clean atmosphere. In order to fully create a clean and honest environment, Zhongyang Company has always taken clean culture as a strong spiritual driving force for deepening enterprise reform and development, actively carried out various forms of clean culture publicity activities, posted clean propaganda slogans in the factory area, set up clean construction publicity columns in the company's publicity column special issue, and posted clean warning slogans in the workshop, so as to effectively publicize clean construction to every corner of the factory area, imperceptibly make the concept of clean culture go deep into the hearts of employees, promote the construction of clean enterprises "full coverage", and make the culture of honesty more distinct, the atmosphere of honesty more intense, and the degree of honesty more significant.
Improve the mechanism and implement the main responsibility. Zhongyang Company will continue to implement the main responsibility of integrity, continue to establish and improve the integrity management mechanism, integrate the integrity construction into the production management and operation, coordinate the promotion, clarify the tasks, and promote the party style with higher standards, stricter requirements, and more powerful measures. The construction of clean government and anti-corruption work continue to achieve new results.



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